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M-E's historic run immortalized in ESPN documentary

While most of the country was waiting in lines to see the advanced showing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Thursday, the Maine-Endwell Spartans were anxiously awaiting their advanced screening of "62: The Legendary Streak of Maine-Endwell High," and ESPN 30 for 30 documentary on their record breaking win streak.

"Obviously you watch the 30 for 30 films on ESPN and there's some great films and most of them have been done by Jonathan [Hock] and to be part of that group now is just unbelievable," said former Spartan QB Kyle Gallagher. "The film itself is incredible. To actually see it up there, it hasn't quite hit me that it's real yet, at the same time... it's just unbelievable."

The documentary aired Thursday night to a national audience on ESPN showcasing the five year undefeated run of the M-E Spartans. As if the streak wasn't reason enough to be proud, a professionally made documentary certainly is, and now it's been immortalized for all to see.

"We take a lot of pride in Maine-Endwell football the community and the community takes a lot of pride in us," said Adam Gallagher, M-E alum and four-time state champion. "I think it let's us see really, the effect we have on the community and it's really awesome."

"I just hope that everyone in the country gets a chance to see the type of kids we have here," said Head Coach Matt Gallagher. "I hope they're a little envious of us coaches getting to work with these guys every day."

While the film didn't necessarily have a happy ending, now a month after the streak ended, this year's seniors have started to appreciate how much it all meant.

"What Maine-Endwell football has accomplished over these years is really amazing," said Senior QB Kyle Balmer. "Watching that film, obviously brought some tears, but sitting there with my best friends, my teammates that we've gone through this with, it's just a great experience."

"It's something I'm always going to cherish and never forget and to do it with all these guys and this community, you can't ask for anything else," said Senior RB, DB Drew Gallagher.

Even with the pressure of the steak off their shoulders, the Spartans goal for next year is once again to win another state championship.

(Footage in documentary courtesy of ESPN)