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Stressed During the Holidays? We've Got Some Tips

By Jason Weinstein.
We are days away from Christmas and for some of us that means last-minute prep for parties and, of course, last-minute shopping.

It can also mean stress. seeing family can bring up old issues and serve as a reminder of people you've lost. it can be a tough time for people who are alone. but one way to relieve any stress is to remember the meaning of the Holidays.

"I think if you do that and try to get away from the gifts and the commercialization of it I think it helps a lot. I think being appreciative of the people in your life, to be forgiving (helps)," said Dr. Michael Lavin, Psychiatrist Director at the Lourdes Center for Mental Health.

Dr. Lavin says reaching out to someone who is alone is a great thing to do this time of year. He also stresses healthy habits like eating well, staying active, and getting plenty of rest to better handle stress.