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Christmas Comes Early With A $200 Shopping Spree For Some Kids

By Fox 40 Staff.
It's not everyday that someone decides to give you $200 for new clothes. Well Wednesday night 20 kids from the Boys and Girls Club of Western Broome and Binghamton were given $200 to shop til they drop at Dick's Sporting Goods.

This was all apart of the 7th annual "Shop With Joey" event.

"This is going to be, hopefully an important night to pick out a few special things for some of these kids so it's great stuff," said Pro Golfer, Joey Sindelar.

The children were selected on a needs basis and Dick's Sporting Goods provided the $200 gift cards for the children to shop with.

"Every time I'm here and see the kids doing the shopping, the looks on their faces. I mean. I don't care who you are...who doesn't wanna come in here and have a big smile on their face," said Sindelar.

Looks like these kids got some Christmas presents a week early!