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Postal Shipping this Holiday Season

For many, after the holiday shopping -- comes the holiday shipping.

The holidays are a busy time for local post offices and mail carriers. From Thanksgiving to New Year's, the United States Postal Service sends out approximately 536 million pieces of mail each day.

Officials say the Vestal Post Office delivers about 1,600 packages a day during the holidays vs. around 400 during more normal times for it.

“As far as parcels, probably six times the amount. And the mail volume, at least close to, as far as the letters, triple the amount. It’s our season. This is what we look forward to,” said Vestal Mailman John Fowler.

“It definitely makes for some longer days. The carriers are working longer, but this is our time to shine. So they’re used to it and they’re up to the challenge,” adds Vestal Postmaster Tim Gwardyak.

But even for those who might have waited until the last minute, there's still time to get those packages out.

"You can still mail through Saturday with first-class mail and be fairly confident that it’s going to get there. Monday we’re saying is the last day that you should mail priority mail and be comfortable that it’s getting there. And after that you’d want to go to priority mail express, which are guaranteed service for one or two days,” said Binghamton Postmaster Lona Miller.

For a complete list of shipping deadlines, visit www.usps.com.