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Fed Regs Could Hike Cost of Child Care

By Jason Weinstein.
New federal regulations meant to increase the health and safety of child care providers could cost New York providers $90 million.

Many who serve lower-income families receive federal block grant money, but that money will now come with those new safety rules. Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo heard from some of those providers Wednesday.

She says she'll negotiate once the state budget process begins in January to keep those increased costs from affecting the number of children providers can care for.

"We're really going to need a commitment from the Office of Children and Family Services at the state level that they will find a way to pay for this without either spreading the costs down to the counties or taking it out of important slots that we are providing to these vulnerable children," said Lupardo (D-123rd District).

The new regulations will cost roughly $34 million for mandatory inspections of more than 25,000 facilities statewide, $28 million for training and development for child care staff, and between $24 and $28 million on background clearances.