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Victim of Windsor Burglary Lands in Legal Trouble Himself

By Kerry Longobucco.
A Windsor man who was the victim of an August robbery is now in legal trouble himself.

On Wednesday morning in Windsor Town Court, Ned Woodruff pleaded not guilty to harassing one of the individuals accused of stealing a cash-filled safe from his Grove Street home.

Now, Woodruff is going public with his side of the story.

On August 3rd, Woodruff heard his wife's hysterical voice on the other end of the phone. Betty Woodruff had just discovered their home had been robbed.

"She was so upset, at first, i thought something had happened to one of my grandkids," Woodruff said. "When it was a safe being gone instead of something wrong with them -- it was a relief."

He was relieved that his family was safe -- but shattered by the news that their live savings was gone.

Woodruff, owner of Ned Woodruff Auto Sales, says the two by two safe contained $280,000.

"That was our retirement," Woodruff said. "We just never went on vacation, didn't do fancy things."

New York State Police arrested two people in connection with the crime last month. Kristina Schuldt and Nathan Mower, who both previously purchased cars from Woodruff, now face felony burglary charges. Troopers say Mower was in possession of more than $50,000 in stolen property.

Both were sent to the Broome County Jail, and later released. Woodruff admits to confronting Schuldt outside her town of Windsor home on November 29th.

"I will admit getting hostile," Woodruff said. "I did not threaten anybody. I do believe I said I hope her daughter ends up with a better mother than she's going to be."

A judge ordered Woodruff to have no contact with complaintants Kristina and Nickolaus schuldt. Woodruff refused to sign those orders, but they are still in effect.

Troopers told Fox 40 that their investigation into the stolen safe remains open. However, now that charges have been filed, the case is in the hands of the Broome County District Attorney's Office.