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Villages Face Near-Zero Percent Tax Cap

By Jason Weinstein.
Village mayors in the area are giving mixed reaction to a near-zero percent increase in the state Tax Cap for 2016.

That increase will be point-12 percent for New York villages. In Endicott that means the village can increase its budget by $8,000 dollars without exceeding the cap. Mayor John Bertoni says that paired with increased costs from the state makes staying within the cap near impossible. Others say they are prepared for the lower cap.

"I definitely think it's workable. The Village of Whitney Point has been very good for a number of years and very proactive and very smart with it's budgeting, and very forward thinking," said Whitney Point Mayor Ryan Reynolds (D).

"We have 140 employees, give or take a few. We have to pay salaries, pay workers comp, pay retirement. It just becomes an impossible number," said Endicott Mayor John Bertoni (D).

Endicott and Johnson City are the only villages in Broome County with both paid police and fire departments.