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Fighting Porch Pirates & Other Shipping Tips

If you want to be sure your loved ones get your holiday gift by Christmas the deadline is quickly approaching.

Pack and Mail in Endwell says December 16th is the last day to get cross country ground shipping through FedEx. If you're shipping something that isn't going too far and using priority mail, they say to give yourself at least three days. The store also offers a safe place to receive all of your packages.

Pack & Mail Owner, Sean Harrigan said, "You're not home, the UPS, FedEx leaves it on your porch and people are coming along and stealing it. They're driving along going onto peoples' porches and stealing their shipments. People rent out mailboxes from us just to make sure that things are secure."

The Broome County Sheriff's Office says while there isn't an epidemic of porch piracy, incidents of it do happen.

If you're feeling the holiday rush and need to save some time, Pack and Mail will gift wrap, pack and ship your gifts for you.