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Parlor City Celebrated Through Student Art

More than 60 art exhibits were displayed at the SUNY Broome Library to celebrate the diversity of the Greater Binghamton community.

Art and Design students studied local historical landmarks to find inspiration for the paintings, drawings and graphic designs which were on display Wednesday morning. Students created artwork involving the Red Robin Dinner, the Roberson Mansion Museum and the Johnson City Square Deal Arch.

One student said she found inspiration in the Red Robin Diner because her family member used to work there. She also said they have delicious food and they are an iconic restaurant which has been in the family for generations.

SUNY Broome student, Kerstin Towndrow said, “It represents small town America and it’s a classic that’s always been around. It’s a mom and pop restaurant so it’s always been in their family and I like that it’s a tradition.”

Towndrow said it was nerve wracking to have the owners at the gallery opening but she said the owners liked her painting so much that they bought it and plan to put it on display in the restaurant.

All the artwork in the exhibit can be purchased on the first floor of the campus library. The exhibit will be on display until the end of January.