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National Cup Cake Day Serves Up Some Stuffed Treats

By Fox 40 Staff.
Today, is a day to pay tribute and honor...to the cupcake. It's National Cupcake Day. There are plenty of bakeries cooking up these delicious delicacies across the country but one local shop is celebrating its one year anniversary.

Locally owned, Jarets Stuffed Cupcakes in Endicott served up a selection of its cupcakes for free today to celebrate. The family opened its doors in Endicott just a year ago but they say that they have already been very welcomed in the community.

"We are happy to be here a year. Little Italy and the community have welcomed us, and it's been a great year," said Store Manager, Kathleen Ruane-Freitas.

"The small business, that's really what builds and make up our community, the larger big box companies are important but really this is the essence of the business community," says VP of Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce Member Services, Amy Shaw.

Fox 40 will have an inside look on the magic behind what goes into making these cupcakes, on Sunday at 10.