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Four Local Non-Profits Inherit Nearly $500,000 Each

Trusts in a will written more than 50 years ago will help benefit the future of four local non-profits.

On Tuesday, Broome County's YMCA, YWCA, AVRE and ACHIEVE announced they each received nearly $500,000 each from the Ada and Samuel Brand trusts.

NBT bank has managed the Brands' testamentary trust since the 1960s. According to officials, Samuel Brand was the right-hand man for Thomas J. Watson when IBM was in Endicott. However, they say little is known on the connection the Brands had with the organizations.

"At times like this when people who don't have any connections with your organization remember you in charities, you think of the kindness and generosity of individuals throughout the world. And we're just grateful that we're one of the recipients," said CEO of ACHIEVE Mary Jo Thorn.

The organizations say the money will have a positive impact. It will go towards things like capital projects, debt removal and operational purposes.