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FEMA Grant Helps Binghamton Step Up its Firefighting Arsenal

By Kerry Longobucco.
Binghamton firefighters are suited up with the latest equipment -- thanks to $322,000 in FEMA funding.

The new equipment, which was unveiled today, includes breathing apparatuses, air cyclinders, and specialized face masks.

The grant allowed BFD to purchase enough gear to outfit the entire department with the latest technology.

Binghamton firefighters will also be adding a new gadget to their arsenal -- called a 'pass device'.

A firefighter in distress can use the tool to immediately alert his fellow firefighters, and let them know his preciselocation.

"If you're going into a building you've never been in before, and try and find your way around, it's easy for a firefighter to get disoriented and get lost," Rick Allen, training chief of the Binghamton Fire Department, said. "Now, try and imagine you're trying to find that firefighter who they themselves got lost.
Now at least we have a device that's going to help us track them and get to them and save them."

Officials say the new gear replaces the outdated equipment purchased ten years ago. All new equipment is now up to par with National Fire Protection Association Standards.