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State Funding Moves Kopernik Science Park Closer to 2016 Groundbreaking

By Kerry Longobucco.
The Kopernik Science Park is on track to break ground this spring, thanks to a boost in state funding.

The Kopernik Observatory and Science Center, of Vestal, was awarded $200,000 by the state to put toward a new stem-themed playground and outdoor programming space. The park comes with a $600,000 price tag.

Future attractions planned for the park could be as small as a seasaw, or as large as a bridge -- but each addition will be specifically designed to help children learn, while playing.

"Kopernik is really all about hands on. Whether you're doing in our classrooms here, or we're doing it out on the playground. Even when you're taking a break. again, our, what we're trying to do is sort of subliminally get them to say, look, science, and engineering and technology is everywhere," Drew Deskur, executive director of the Kopernik Science Center, said.

The park was designed by the Kopernik and the Junior League of Binghamton, an organization that's been raising money for the new space.

With over $300,000 committed to the project so far, officials say fundraising is more than halfway complete.

The park is scheduled to be complete in 2018 -- but parts of it may open sooner.