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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Coming to Johnson City

A new type of medical facility will soon be coming to the area.

Vireo Health of New York will be opening a medical marijuana dispensary at 589 Harry L. Drive in Johnson City. Officials say by law they can open the the facility after January 5th, and they are working to open it as soon as possible after that date.

Under New York law, the marijuana products dispensed there can only be in pill, oil or tincture form. Edibles and plant materials will not be available for purchase.

"This is extremely different from recreational cannabis in that there are 10 very severe illnesses that would qualify a patient to actually receive this treatment," said Chief Medical Officer of Vireo Health NY, Dr. Stephen Dahmer.

The cannabis will only be provided to those who have qualifying conditions including cancer, HIV or Parkinson's disease. Only authorized patients or certified caregivers will be allowed in the dispensary.