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What's Up with this Warm Weather?

With a record high of 61 degrees in Binghamton Monday, FOX 40 went to the National Weather Service in Binghamton to find out, "what's up with this warm weather?"

The organization says a historically strong El Niño pattern is responsible for this warmth. Meteorologist Daniel Padavona showed us a 10-day forecast and helped to explain why we'll most likely be seeing a green Christmas this year.

"What it shows is a continued cycle of warm air coming out of the Gulf and continuing to filter up to the Northeast; whereas the cooler stormier weather is generally over the Northern Plains and Western US. And that's keeping the Western half of the US on the cool side, which is the exact opposite of what happened last year," said Padavona.

Last winter, Binghamton got more than 90 inches of snow. This winter, Padavona says about 50 to 70 inches are expected. He says cooler temperatures will eventually make their way here, but probably not until late December or early January.

Officials say an El Niño season is difficult to predict, so it's tough to say at this point what the coming months will bring.