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Johnson City Man Arrested for Looting Cars in Hillcrest Area

A man suspected of looting unlocked vehicles in the Hillcrest are has been arrested.

Around 2:30 a.m. Monday, deputies responded to a report of a man looking into the windows of vehicles in the Town of Fenton.

Deputies located Michael Pruitt, 27 of Johnson City, half inside a car, in a driveway on Cornish Ave. He said that the door was already opened and that it belonged to his brother and that he was going to close it for him. An investigation revealed that Pruitt had been rummaging through unlocked vehicles in the Hillcrest area throughout the night.

Pruitt was found to be in possession of 4.2 grams of powdered codeine, loose change, gift cards and other miscellaneous items he had allegedly taken from vehicles.

Pruitt was arraigned before the Town of Fenton Judge and is being held at the Broome County Sheriff’s Correctional Facility on $2,500.00 cash bail.