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House of Reardon's Reveals Christmas Tree

By Brianna Case.
It's been eleven years and many different Christmas tree. Nancy Libous enjoys giving her trees a unique look, one unlike any other.

"When I get the idea and sometimes they come at the strangest times, but once I get the idea I kind of run with it," said Libous.

Nancy found inspiration for this years tree after watching the classic, "A Christmas Story".

"I just chuckle every time I see that leg lamp, so I happened to be at a local grocery store a few days later and lined up next to the store were 10 or 12 Christmas trees all wrapped in the bailing and I just looked at it and thought, oh my gosh, I could make my Christmas tree look just like that leg lamp," said Libous.

That's exactly what she did for this year's tree. It only took a day to put together.

"I cut the tree down on Sunday, take the day off of work on Monday, get up early the next morning because I'm just like a kid on Christmas, I'm so excited I want to see what the products going to look like," said Libous.

Others enjoy seeing the finished product as well.

"My friend Bob Norris from House of Reardons, has a pavilion out back, and he and his family are ones that come every year and are big supporters of the trees that I do every year and he would like me to one year get however many trees I need for the years I have actually been doing this and decorate each tree so we could have our own little Christmas tree forest," said Libous.

Nancy has full confidence that she could make this happen.

"I bet because I am a seasoned veteran now, I could do two trees a day without a problem," said Libous.