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Vestal PD Donates Vecta Machines to Golisano Children's Hospital

By Fox 40 News Staff.
The hospital can be a scary place especially if you're a kid. To some children, a hospital is almost like a second home, because of their need of extended care.

Some children at the Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital are now able to relax a bit easier thanks to the officers at the Vestal Police Department. The officers donated two Vecta stations.

These Vecta machines are mobile units that allow child life specialists to provide a sensory experience of lights, music and visual stimulation for patients with special needs or patients with high levels of anxiety or pain.

"You know for us to have our own dedicated machine, the one that they most recently donated and one dedicated just to the inpatient unit means so much because it allows us to service so many more kids. More kids can benefit from this sensory experience that we couldn't really provide before," said Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital representative, Rachel Hannon.

The Vestal Police Department donated one machine last year and most recently donated one this past October. The machines cost $6,000.

The entire Vestal Police Department made a collective effort to raise funds for the machines.