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New Childcare Room for the Family Enrichment Network

A room to heal...a local nonprofit with the mission to create a healing environment in the homes of children who have serious medical conditions revealed a new childcare room at the Family Enrichment Network in Johnson City. It included new furniture, paint, rugs and flooring.

local organizations such as SEFCU donated time and staffing to make this project a reality. National Floor Center also donated time to the project.

"This is our child care room. So if you have some business to do at the child enrichment network, getting a child enrolled or doing your taxes or if you have something to come and do and you have a little one; we can provide registered licensed child care. So you can bring your child and go about that. So this has been a place that is nice and safe for the kids but it's been a little outdated and a room to heal came to us and said we have some funding to help with the community room and we immediately thought of this room." said Kelly Weiss Director of Projects.

The room will serve many area children and families at the FEN facility.