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US Senator Gillibrand Lends A Helping Hand To CHOW

By Faith Jessie.
The fight to end hunger is an ongoing one and it's the main focus of CHOW.

Friday, Girl Scout Troop 30303, along with Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo, and United States Senator from New York, Kristen Gillibrand, contributed to preparing those deliveries just in time for the holidays

"During the holidays most of us reflect on what we are grateful for but we also have to remember that there are a lot of families that are still in need and at risk," said Senator Gillibrand.

According to chow about 5,000 children in our area rely on free or reduced lunch.

"The boxes that we are packing are going towards the end of December school break when so many children in our community lack access to breakfast and lunch at school and the need really increases," said CHOW Directoe Mike Leahey

And that wouldn't be met without the volunteers.

"We rely on volunteers everyday to fight hunger right here in Broome county," said Leahey.

"For every 40 hours of volunteer there is one hour paid...so the majority is volunteers," said CHOW Program Manager, Jack Seman.

And the volunteers come in many shapes and sizes.

"Those young people came here today and they put their hearts and souls into helping out... It's a blessing "

This is a blessing that CHOW is hoping the community will continue to give.

"We're an outlet for the community to help the community so we really couldn't do what we done without the generosity of the community. And the food that we are donated... About 80% of the food that we distribute is donated locally," said Seman.