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Panel Calls for Common Core Overhaul

By Fox 40 News.
Education leaders, parents and groups against New York's Common Core standards weighed in Thursday on a task force's recommendations to overhaul the program.

In its final report, the Common Core Task Force laid out a number of recommendations including:

--Adopting locally-driven standards
--Shortening the time spent testing students
--Holding off on using test score to evaluate teachers until 2020
--More transparency for parents

Governor Cuomo released the recommendation with this statement:

"The Common Core was supposed to ensure all of our children had the education they needed to be college and career-ready – but it actually caused confusion and anxiety. That ends now. Today, we will begin to transform our system into one that empowers parents, teachers and local districts and ensures high standards for all students. I thank the Task Force members for their thorough work. Together we will ensure that New York’s schools provide the world-class education that our children deserve.”'

Earlier that morning, President Obama signed into law legislation that gives states more power over testing and accountability.

On its website, New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) Union posted the following statement:

"Today we celebrate momentous developments at the state and national level that open the door for a much needed transformation in public education.

On Friday, we will bring you more information on what this means for Southern Tier schools.