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Seton Catholic Students Learn About Jewish Beliefs

Seton Catholic High School students expanded their knowledge of Hanukkah and Jewish beliefs Wednesday afternoon.

Freshman and sophomores visited Temple Concord in Binghamton to take a tour through the Synagogue and learn about the Torah and Hebrew language. They went through the Temple's Hanukkah House and learned from displays showing the history of the holiday, and even got to play a game of dreidel.

“We may understand a lot of things differently, but we can be richer by learning about one another’s traditions and beliefs,” said Temple Concord Rabbi Barbara Goldman-Wartell.

“It’s important to learn about different things; to learn a different aspect of life. It’s a great learning opportunity and a really great experience for everyone,” said Seton Catholic Sophomore Hanna Strawn.

Seton juniors and seniors will visit Temple Concord Thursday afternoon.