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Students Learn To Code Their Video Games

Students in Johnson City are speaking code and learning what it takes to make video games.

First through Fifth graders participated in free online coding tutorials via code.org on Wednesday. On the website students can play an "Hour of Code" and learn how to make objects move using the coding language. Students can also "Build a Galaxy with Code" with Star Wars characters.

Math and Science Specialist Adam Frys said, "Our kids love to play video games. We want them to know how to make them." Frys stated he's hoping this experience can help anchor students in other subjects.

Frys said, "For our students, it's been really beneficial with the idea of patient problem solving. Often we just look for the solution and we just want that but when you're coding, you have to de-bug your code constantly and that's how we want them to think in math class, I'm just de-bugging my math problem."

Teachers say Johnson City schools will continue to implement programming and robotics in the classroom.