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Binghamton Gets $100,000 SWAT Team Grant

By Jason Weinstein, Emily Girsch.
The Binghamton Police Department is getting a grant of over $99,000 for SWAT team equipment and training.

The Metro SWAT team consists of ten officers from the Binghamton department, four from Johnson City, and three from Vestal.

The money will go towards a new rapid response vehicle, tactical vests, night vision headgear and other equipment.

Legislation to accept the grant will be sent to City Council at it's next work session.

The city will buy the equipment over the next two months.

"We're looking to upgrade our rapid response vehicle," said Bob Charpinsky, training officer for the City of Binghamton.

Charpinsky said upgrading the rapid response vehicle is most critical for the department because of the wear and tear over years of 24/7 on-call use.