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Former Drug Users Seek to Rebuild at Endicott Forum

By Emily Girsch.
A special thing happened at the Endicott Visitors Center Tuesday night.

Drugs, violence, and sexual abuse are problems in every community, and Broome County is certainly no exception.

Tonight in Endicott, a special event called "You Can Change" was held to shine a light on these problems and offer some hope to the community.

Speakers consisted of those formerly involved in drugs, sex abuse, or violence who are now ministering to others about rebuilding their lives and their communities.

"To come back to Binghamton and Endicott, places I know I was a part of tearing down, to come back and be a part of building them up, there's no comparison to that, to have that opportunity," said Pastor Michael Barrett Jr., author and speaker.

Barrett spent 18 years in prison for dealing drugs in the area in the 90s.

He has since become pastor of a church and now mentors youths about making better choices.

You can find a copy of his book, "Surrender," online.