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Women TIES Luncheon Connects Local Women Entrepreneurs

Empowering women for success, that was the goal of the women TIES
luncheon and mini-holiday showcase at traditions at the glen Tuesday afternoon.

More than 30 Southern Tier women entrepreneurs attended the event to network, sell products and learn from the successes and failures of other women. Organizers say it's all about helping women expand in the local, state and regional marketplaces.

"Women come together to learn, to not only support each other, but to learn, go back and either copy something that's worked well or not make the same mistake that somebody else has done. So it's really essential in growing their own businesses themselves, individually, that they're part of a collective group and energy of women," said Founder and President of Women TIES Tracy Higginbotham.

Women TIES currently connects more than 300 women regionally.

Anyone looking for information on the organization can visit www.womenties.com.