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Deputies Begin Training on Project Livesaver

By Jason Weinstein.
Broome County Sheriff's deputies began their training on new tracking equipment that could mean the difference between life and death for lost people.

Project lifesaver helps find locating people with dementia or special needs who have wandered away. If one of those people wears a special wrist or ankle bracelet equipped with a personalized transmitter, a tracking signal can find the lost person. Tuesday at Chenango Valley State Park deputies tested the new equipment which uses a series of pings to direct people to the bracelets.

"If the person didn't have something like this we might have to do a K-9 search which we still might use but it would take a lot longer then with this equipment if they're wearing it properly," said Deputy Robert Stapleton of the Broome County Sheriff's office.

"It's instrumental. when you look at the colder weather how long someone can last outside with minimal protection is greatly diminished. K-9s are susceptible to someone walking over the track to ruin the scent trail," said Lt. Ben Harting of the Broome County Sheriff's Office.