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PLA Talks Continue

By Emily Girsch.
It seems like it never ends.

The PLA, or Project Labor Agreement, for the Binghamton-Johnson City Joint Sewage Treatment Plant, was approved by the Binghamton City Council on November 18th, and then vetoed by the mayor just one week ago.

The council met in a work session tonight but the PLA was not discussed, as previously considered.

However Fox 40 caught up with council members from both sides of the argument and asked them how the situation is progressing.

Those in favor of the PLA say it will save tax payer dollars and also prevent the rate of sewage from going up.

"The probability that a PLA would A, provide for more local jobs is prevalent, and B the fact that there would be anyone from a 6 to a 10 million dollar savings for the tax payer is also very relevant," said Binghamton City Council President, Bill Burg.

Those not in favor say there's no way to tell it will save money.

Those opposed say it also places a limit on the amount of non-union workers who can bid on the project.

"This is what goes on back and forth from both sides, saying that if you go with a PLA, it will cost you more money," said Republican Councilman Chris Papastrat.

"People that are pro-PLA say that it could save you money. There's no proof either way that it will save or cost tax payers money."

The council will vote on whether or not to override the veto on Tuesday, December 22nd.