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Local Bikers Make a Huge Donation to Toys For Tots

A group of bikers called the Binghamton H.O.G Chapter (H.O.G standing for Harley Owners Group) has gone shopping for gifts!

The group was able to raise a whopping $13,000 to purchase toys at the Johnson City Toys R' Us. No, they aren't keeping them for themselves. This crew is donating them to the local Toys for Tots, to become presents for kids in need.
We spoke with one of the crew about the stigma attached to bikers and whether it fits with this act of generosity.

"I think a lot of our guys still want to be the big tough guy, but we had probably thirty people here tonight, and in their hearts they still want to help people." said Don Rauschmeier, Director of the Harley Owners Group.

Since 1989, the Binghamton H.O.G Chapter has raised funds to support the community; flying in the face of any negative image bikers may have.