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Project Lifesaver to Help Authorities Find Missing People

A new program could help the Broome County Sheriff's Office bring missing people home safely.

The Project Lifesaver program helps authorities locate people with dementia disorders or developmental disabilities who have wandered away from their caregivers.

If an individual is wearing a special wrist or ankle bracelet equipped with a personalized transmitter, a tracking signal can help authorities find the lost person within a four-mile radius.

Upon discovering a person is missing, caregivers can call 911 who will activate the Sheriff's Office to find the missing person.

"If this bracelet is on somebody, and they are within that four-mile radius, we can pick them up usually within about 20-30 minutes. The nice thing is if we're picking up this frequency, we are going to find them. It's just a matter of time, it's not going to be several hours," said Broome County Deputy Robert Stapleton.

There are currently two receivers and 30 bracelets in Broome County, funded through the Division of Criminal Justice Services and the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Officials say this is a "Plan C" program and deputies will review a potential client’s living conditions and supervision to make sure “Plan A and B”, or proper precautions, are being taken for a person who has the potential to wander off.

Anyone who would like to check qualifications for the Project Lifesaver program can contact the Sheriff's Office Community Policing Division at (607)778-2391.