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Vestal man's luck changes with gas contest

John Eldred has never considered himself a lucky guy.

"The only thing I was lucky in was about my wife," said Eldred, a retired IBM'er from Vestal.

Eldred's luck changed two weeks ago when he got a call from someone at Mirabito letting him know he was the winner of its "Gas for a Year" contest.

Eldred didn't believe it.

"I thought it was one of my friends playing head games with me."

A week later, Jason Mirabito, the company's V.P. of Sales and Marketing, called Eldred again to reassure him he was serious. Eldred would receive $75 in gas each week for one year.

Eldred joined Mirabito representatives on Monday when they made the news public.

Mirabito says Eldred was picked from about 10,000 Mirabito customers. Customers entered the contest by putting a decal on their vehicle.

Eldred put his sticker on the bumper of his red GMC pickup truck.

This is the second year Mirabito has put on the contest.