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Mom's House Serves Up Breakfast With a Side of Santa

By Fox 40 News Staff.
A group of people had their eggs and bacon with a side of charity today.

Mom's House, a non-profit, child care center, held it's annual Breakfast with Santa this morning.

The event took place at the Endwell United Methodist Church where people could enjoy a nice holiday breakfast complete with pancakes and pastries.

The center provides single parents who cannot afford day care, with a place to send their children while they are working.

"We offer free day care to single parents who are full time students. They need to attend school regularly, maintain passing grades. They put in three hours a week of service time and five hours a semester of fundraising. We do not charge but we still have to raise all the funds to maintain a top notch day care center and Mom's house is one of the best in the area," said Mom's House Office Manager, Diane Avery,

Participants paid around $5 for the breakfast and after eating, children...or adults could pay a visit to Santa Clause.

All proceeds from today's event goes to Mom's house.