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Seton Catholic Central Students Give Blood For The Holiday

By Faith Jessie.
Tis the season to give...blood.

Some Seton Catholic Central students laid back, relaxed and saved some lives today... all to benefit the American Red Cross during their big holiday need.

"During the holiday season a lot of people are very busy so there isn't as many people giving blood," said Seton Senior, Elena Tiderencel.

"The need for blood does not take a holiday, said" American Red Cross, Customer Service Rep, Sheila Sullivan.

According to the American Red Cross, the need is for about 1,000 units per day just to keep up with hospital needs in upstate New York. Red Cross research shows that only 4% of eligible donors give blood.

Many of those donors come from places like Seton where 20 of the students came out to donate today.

"We actually get 20% of our blood supply from our high schools and colleges," said Sullivan.

"A lot of people have already done it in the past and there were a lot of new donors as well...It's a great way to give back and help others," said Tiderencel.

The students' generosity now can have a big impact on the future.

"If they donate in high school and donate in college, they are more likely to keep that up if they go into the real world," said Sullivan.

And for those who are already out of school...

"They say the number one reason people don't give is because they haven't been asked, so if you haven't thought about it before, please think about it now,"said Sullivan.

Sounds like something else to include in that holiday list.