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Will the US Borrow Policy Ideas for China Regarding ISIS?

With talk that ISIS is being represented in America, many are worried about what policy ideas we will see next. Many Americans do not know that Communist China is host to a significant Muslim population.

China has grown as a world power and its policy ideas have been influential in other nations. Some note that China has not yet had a 9/11 type incident or seen the rise of ISIS. Remember, the millions of Islamic people in this massive and ancient nation deal with regular human rights abuses.

Harry Wu, Chinese policy expert, "The Chinese suppression is very serious. They kill a lot of Islamic people over there. Basically, they (Muslims) are peaceful. They don't fight against the Communist Party."

Next week Fox 40 will explore the possibility of the us adopting Chinese policies toward Muslim groups. Is it a possibility? Is it right? We will search for answers.