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Binghamton Native King Rice leading Monmouth to hot start

King Rice, a 1987 Binghamton High School grad, is leading the Monmouth Hawks to a hot start this season. Already with wins over UCLA, 17th ranked Notre Dame, and USC have a lot of people surprised at his success. His high school coach, Tom Corgel isn't one of them.

"He's in a spot now where he thinks he can win, he's got some pretty good players to do that with," Corgel said. "Time will tell, but it's certainly a good start."

Gaining just as much attention as the players on the court is the Hawks bench, known for some creative and outlandish antics on the sidelines.

"at first I wasn't sure if it was great or not, but I said 'it's better than looking down at the end of the bench and seeing guys upset at not playing,'" Corgel said. "You can tell he's got 4-5 guys down there that are team first and doing all these antics, and it's fun to watch."

Dan and Louie Pillari, Greg Noack, and Tyler Robinson are being called the 'most popular bench in America' and even have over 3,000 followers on Twitter. For Rice, who says any of these guys can play just as well as his starters, it's a welcome sight.

"For them to celebrate and be there and be excited when they're probably not going to play much, I think it's just awesome for our team, our school, for them personally. I really, really like it."

Winning is fun, and in turn, creates more winning.

"I think he knows he's got a chance," Corgel said. "And when you got a chance and you play the way these guys have been playing, you got a chance to win games."

The Hawks, however, fall to Canisius on the road Friday in a 98-86 loss.

Video Courtesy: ESPN, ESPNU, PAC 12 Network, Monmouth Athletics, Canisius Athletics