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McCrory ready to make a statement in UFC return

After a six year absence, local fighter Tamdan McCrory is making his return to the UFC octagon. McCrory made his comeback with Bellator last September and was quickly climbing the ranks, but felt he was being snubbed for a shot at the middleweight title and left the organization only to be re-signed by UFC.

December 19th marks his first fight back since leaving the organization in 2009 and he's ready to make a statement.

"It's awesome to be a part of the 'comeback story.' I've already been in the UFC, I've had some success there, so this time it's not really about proving whether I can get there and be successful," McCrory said. "It's about what can we do in this run that really cements me and how they remember me in the history books more than a little blip on the UFC encyclopedia. Ten years down the road, I'd like to have a few pages in there."

McCrory will fight as part of UFC Fight Night on December 19th against Josh Samman. UFC Fight Night airs on Fox 40 beginning at 8:00, McCrory fights in the prelims, likely on Fox Sports 1 or another station in the Fox family of networks.