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Local Residents Speak Out On Proposed Cuts To Earned Income Tax Credits

By Fox 40 Staff.
"We live in a country where the wealthy are becoming more wealthy," said Ordained Minister of the United Methodist Church, Fred Brooks.

This point was echoed tonight by a variety of local agencies who say they are against an upcoming tax break for large corporations proposed by Congress.

Unless Congress decides to give them a tax break as well.

"Cutting back on the earned income tax credit and the child tax credit is going to ensure added burdens," said Citizen Action representative, Amy Fleming.

They say that our district receives about 130 million dollars of earned tax credits per year and in Binghamton alone...

"It's about $53 million, so it's significant money...," said Citizen Action representative, Mary Clark.

Money that some residents expressed was necessity for basic living expenses.

"I'm not sure, that we would be able to keep our house without that money every year," said mother of three, Kristen Fiacco.

"When you're used to every month, at the end of the month have zero money and you need something, you know like, clothes, it's just really important for people to have that hope when they are working so hard to take care of their kids and their families," siad Fiacco.

A message that Fiacco is hoping that congress will hear before making their final decision on the budget hearing next week.