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BU Grad Students Fight For Equal Pay

By Fox 40 Staff.
A decision to increase stipend amounts for new BU PHD students is not going over well with some current PHD student whose stipends will remain the same.

After weeks of protest, negotiations and closed door meetings, the students were able to discuss their concerns with some of BU's top administrative officers tonight.

In the open forum tonight students working as Graduate Assistants and Teaching Assistants say their stipends should be equal to the new students coming in because they are doing equal work. Yet, the administration says that this increase in an effort create competitive positions to attract more PHD candidates.

"Next year I may be teaching a class with a new student, the exact same class, the exact same time, and that new student would be making 6,000 more than I would. So that is certainly insulting to us as current graduate students who have been working," said Sarah Marcus, Graduate Vice President of Multicultural Relations for the Graduate Student Organization

"We currently don't have a uniform stipend rate. So what we are doing really doesn't change that. but it does make a big investment in excellence at Binghamton University," Dan Nieman, Provost & Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs.

The administration said that they agreed to participate in the discussion in order to bring understanding to the current PHD students of the reasoning for their decision.