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Norwich Hosts Public Forum on the Topic of Heroin

By Emily Girsch.
A public forum on heroin was held at Guernsey Memorial Library in Norwich Monday night.

Panelists included former drug addicts, former drug dealers, parents of users, and members of law enforcement.

Attendee and Former Heroin Addict John Nesbitt became addicted to heroin after injuring his back and receiving a prescription for Oxycodone.

Once the prescription ran out, he had to keep getting that high from something else.

"With heroin especially and narcotic pain medication, you feel such a euphoric feeling of not worrying about anything, so pretty much the day-to-day worries that you go through in life, those worries are gone once you're high on the drug," he said.

A few years ago John overdosed and lost consciousness.

But he continued to do heroin.

"It still didn't stop me from using," he said.

"I didn't even know I died. They said I died and they had to bring me back or I would have died. It still didn't stop me."

John's advice to current addicts is to go to rehab and avoid their drug-using friends once they get out.