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Seton Students Return from Trip to Haiti

By Jason Weinstein.
23 students from Seton Catholic are truly thankful after spending their Thanksgiving in one of the poorest areas in the western hemisphere.

They spent a week working at a medical clinic in Cite Soleil, Haiti. The students brought supplies and spent the week taking blood pressure, organizing supplies, and helping with wound care. One of the major medical problems they saw there was malnutrition, especially among infants.

"The think I really took away is all the love they have there, the happiness. They have so little but they have so much love to give. It's really a beautiful country with beautiful people and beautiful souls," said Seton Catholic Senior Meghan Nally.

"We have so much here. Not many people are thankful enough for it because even the poor here would be rich in Haiti. Even though they have nothing they're still so kind," said Seton Catholic Senior Thomas Williams.

The doctor who ran the clinic had to hold a lottery to decide which residents were able to get care.