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Author Speaks With Local Elementary Students

Are you filling buckets, or emptying them? That was the question a children's author asked students at Thomas J. Watson Elementary School today.

Ann Marie Gardinier Hallstead is the author of the play "Have You Filled Your Bucket Today?" She read her picture book "Bucket Filling Fairy" to the kids to help spread an anti-bullying message.

"Everyone has an invisible bucket inside of them and we fill each other's buckets by saying and doing kind things. In contrast we dip each other's buckets and take out good thoughts and feelings by saying and doing unkind things," said Gardinier Halstead.

"Normally at the beginning of the year we have a bullying assembly to make sure no one bullies in this school We're not a bully school, we're a bucket school," said 4th-Grade Student Collin Losinger.

Gardinier Halstead also had some advice for the students: if you want to be a better writer you need to read. Also students were told, if you want to be a published author you need to be persistent.