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Mayor David Vetoes PLA Agreement in Binghamton

By Emily Girsch.
Today Mayor David vetoed the legislation allowing for a Project Labor Agreement, or PLA, that has created controversy in local politics.

The legislation allowed for a PLA to be approved for the rehabilitation of the Binghamton-Johnson City Joint Sewage Treatment Plant, a multi-million dollar project.

David said having the agreement will prevent non-union workers from bidding on the project, and he didn't want to exclude anyone from that opportunity.

David also said union and non-union workers disagree over whether having a PLA versus not having one will keep the labor for this project local.

"I think all of us have the common goal and objective to keep as much as this money as local as possible, utilize local labor," he said.

Opposing the veto and in support of the idea, President of City Council Bill Berg said having a PLA was the best way to keep the project's labor local.

"If we're going to ensure that a very high percentage of the workforce at the Joint Sewage Treatment Plant remains local, the best chance would be to have a PLA."

Berg also said that having a PLA doesn't prevent anyone from bidding on the project.

The vote was passed by a 4 to 3 margin, in favor of the PLA on November 18th.

The council will meet next Monday to discuss whether or not to overturn the veto.

The council will vote on a decision next Wednesday.