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Promise Zone Helps Keep Binghamton Youth Focused On Goals

By Faith Jessie.
After school programs might seem like a dime a dozen, but this particular program is focused on keeping Binghamton Youth safe.

"The time after school is critical, research indicates that that's when our students will most likely get themselves into some challenging situations," said Community Schools Coordinator, Promise Zone, Carla Murray

The Promise Zone is a place where Binghamton High School students can go to get help on homework and have a positive experience after school.

"We're providing an opportunity for our students to sit with the support to get their homework done, with the support of someone who has more information or content knowledge than they do," said Murray

They also provide a platform to push students to reach their goals.

"I wanted to make a goal sheet for myself, so if I had a bad day, I would just look at it and say, this is what I need to be passing," said Freshman Robert Miller.

"Well I was thinking about being an electrical engineer. They have trips for engineers so I guess I'll talk to them," said Freshman, Dayana Hodges.

The mentors involved in the program say that their goal is...

"To make sure that their in a safe an comfortable environment," said Murray

"They provide the kids with people to talk to, a place to turn to so their not out side in the streets, sometimes they can't talk to their parents or brothers or sisters about an issue but when they come in they have a place and people to talk to about social issues, things that they have going on at school, maybe things they have going on at home," said Instructor, Latoya Fann.

Something that many students appreciate.

"I like Ms. Carla and Ms. Toya and that they show us that they are here for us. We're social we have people to talk to and everything, it's comfortable for me," said Junior Mornee Robinson.

And they make to extend a helping hand to any student

"We don't turn anyone away, if they show up and say, I've heard about this program, I've heard about Promise zone, and I would like to be apart of it, we definitely accept them into our program."