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3 Car Accident Traps Passengers Inside And Sends 3 To Hospital

By Faith Jessie.
A car accident trapped 2 people in a car and sent 3 people to the hospital this morning.

The incident that involved 3 cars occurred around 10 a.m. Sunday morning in the Town of Dickinson. According to Police, the cars were going Southbound on St. Route 7 near Old State Rd.

The first car was stopped at a possible red light, the second car was slowing down for the stop but the third failed to slow down, causing a domino effect crash after hitting the second car. The passenger side door of the second car would not open, forcing the passengers to crawl out of the window of the driver's side door.

Port Dickson police, Broome County Sheriffs, State Police, along with medical responders reported to the scene.

Two passengers of the second car suffered minor head injuries and were both taken to Wilson Hospital. The Driver of the third car was also treated at Wilson Hospital and then released. Two of the three cars involved were totaled.

Authorities say that charges will be filed and traffic tickets will be issued.