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Preventing Holiday Weight Gain

By Faith Jessie.
Holiday foods are great to indulge in but fitness experts say that it is important to keep a healthy diet even when surrounded by all of your favorite treats.

A study from Texas Tech University showed that on average their volunteers gained about 1.5 pounds during the 6 weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. This might not seem like much, but over the years this small weight gain can add up.

There are ways to prevent this from happening while still enjoying your favorite holiday foods.

"The more colorful your plate is the better. Like I would say more vegetables, fibers, carbs are the best way to stay lean, and fit, a little bit trimmer during the holiday season. And again, you can have a little bit of pie, but try to make it just a small portion size," said NASM Personal Trainer, Catherine Aranda.

"Take a walk, take a walk through your neighborhood. Take a walk and maybe even start power walking, and if you really feel like jogging, go for it. Just put some head phones on and puts some tunes. A lot of people can't workout in silence, I can intermediately, but sometimes I need that music as motivation," said Gaslamp Gym owner, Brian Nayor.

Fitness experts also recommend that you keep some healthy options in your diet during the holidays and exercise at least for thirty minutes a day to prevent weight gain.