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Verizon Workers Protest for New Contracts

Tonight, over a dozen protesters came out to rally outside of the Verizon Wireless on Vestal Parkway.

They rallied for job security, better health benefits, and they also want Verizon to bring Fios into our area.

We're here in support of a fair contract. These rallies are taking place all over the northeast and the mid Atlantic. We're sending a clear message to Verizon, that, you make 1.5 billion dollars a month in profits and they're trying to guy our contracts. We're looking at preserving goo jobs in this community," said Jake Lake, President of CWA Local 1111.

"We want Verizon to bring economic vitalities to these communities...
extending services like Fios," said Nikkol Chiguma, Central South Chairperson IBW2213.

Members of CWA staged this protest to bring attention to negotiations for some 37,000 workers. They have been working without a contract since August.

"We still deserve the right to go on strike at any moment," said Lake.

In a statement, Verizon Spokesman Rich Young said, "If the CWA truly wants to look out for its members...they should work with us on achieving a new contract that’s good for our employees...."

"We're going to continue until the victory is won and until we win the war on corporate greed," said Chiguma

This is one of many rallies taking place on the east coast today and workers say that they will continue to fight until changes are made.