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Local Businesses Benefit From Small Business Saturday

By Brianna Case.
Today is a day for shoppers to show some love at their local small businesses.

Every year the day after Black Friday is dedicated to help the smaller businesses that might not have generated as much revenue as the larger chains during the busy shopping weekend. For Our Country Hearts, this day is an important one.

"It has lended some advertising dollars to the idea of going to smaller businesses and people know it and do come for it," said Jason Shaw, business owner of Country Hearts.

For Jason and many other local business owners, today is a day to not only support local businesses, but to bring everyone together in the community.

"Supporting small businesses is more important than anyone understands, the people who work for us buy locally, they care about what they do, they have family that are here, but there is something special about somebody that devotes their time one on one with customers in a small business," said Shaw.

Our Country Hearts began as a small gift shop. it was able to expand because of the community support.

"A lot of people just drive by and never know, but when they come in they are usually surprised by how big it looks inside and once you enter the restaurant you can either go to a gift store or a furniture store," said Shaw.

"It helps our community, it helps the growth around here, so we really look forward to as many people as we can possibly get in the store," said Jill Fazio, manager.

Although this day is dedicated to fulfilling that desire, Shaw hopes that the community will continue to support small businesses every day.