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Humane Societies Free Adoption Day

Barking fills the halls of the humane society, it seems almost like the animals are calling out for a new home.

Today was the day to make it happen.

All pets at all ages were labeled fee free and ready to be adopted during the humane societies Black Friday blowout today.

"We have a huge waiting list of animals. Right now, we have like 200 cats on a waiting list, 30 to 40 dogs and what a better way to kind of clear out the shelter now," said Karen Matson, Humane Societies Executive Director.

Sounds like a great way to add a new member to the family during the holidays.

"In the spirit of the holidays and to bring awareness to the homeless animals in our community. We have over a hundred animals in the shelter now, some aren't available yet because they are getting vet care, however they are all looking for new homes, so what a better time when you have time for the holidays to bring a new family member in," said Matson.

As easy as it is to adopt a pet, there's still a special process people have to go through to be able to take one of these fur babies home.

"An adoption application process where we ask people where do they live, do they have a source of income, can they provide the medical care that an animal would need, we try to screen them," said Matson.

The process is well worth it because the experience it gives families and the animals, is priceless.

Evelyn and her brother Michael know this feeling first hand.

"It's going to be the best feeling in the world knowing you have some sort of companion there with you. They are just so sweet," said Evelyn Medina.

They were able to adopt the cat they applied for all in the same day.

Another fee free adoption is scheduled for tomorrow from eleven to four, organizers hope more animals will be prancing into new homes.