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A Look At What Area Residents Are Thankful For On This Holiday

As the name of the holiday implies, many are giving thanks around the table today. Fox 40 traveled around the Southern Tier asking those we came in contact with what they're thankful for.

The streets of Broome County were quiet this afternoon. But that doesn't mean there was an absence of gratitude.

Fox 40 spoke with the people we could find and asked them one question; what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Here are some of the quotes we can report:
"Pumpkin pie and corn."

"Family and friends and fellowship."

"My mom and my safe move from Michigan to New York."

"I am thankful for waking up this morning and for my family."

"My friends and my family.And, of course, this beautiful weather."

"We're just going to spend the day with the family. And enjoy our time and be thankful for our peace."

On that note, we wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!