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BHS Community Dinner Draws 1,500

By Jason Weinstein.
An annual tradition continued this thanksgiving as 1,500 people made their way to Binghamton High School for the 20th annual Community Dinner.

200 students and staff prepared the meal. Diners enjoyed 1,120 pounds of turkey, 800 pounds of stuffing, 800 pounds of potatoes, and 550 pounds of sweet potatoes. We spoke to one person who has been to all of the community dinners at Binghamton High School who is happy to see the students and old friends each year.

"I come here every year. My brother lives 100 miles away from here so I come here and talk to a lot of the people that I know," said Charles Wilson.

"It's very good, very good. I love it. Every year I come here, that's why I come here because of the good food," said Russell Wolfe of Binghamton.

"There's a lot of faces that keep coming and it's really nice to see that because it does bring them so much joy and they love it so they keep coming back," said Binghamton High School senior Maggie Rose Pelella.

Pelella has volunteered for the dinner all four of her years at Binghamton High School. She says she'll miss it next year, saying Thanksgiving won't be the same without it.